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21 | 171 cm | 34 | 75B | 50 kg | Brown | Brown | English, Italian, Spanish
Escorts Amsterdam
Escorts Amsterdam
Escorts Amsterdam
Escorts Amsterdam
Threesome couple | Threesome 2 men | SM dominant | Massage | French

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The price for one hour of pleasure is 160 euro in Amsterdam. Outside Amsterdam the prices are higher because we have to drive the girl to your location. For some regions we have a minimum duration of 2 hours. From 3 hours and up we have reduced prices. Please contact us if you are interested in these.
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Vijay jain posted: Can I meet you at my hotel in Amsterdam and how to contact you and what all you do and for how time you stay with the client or even at your place if it is a safe place to meet you
bas taken posted: woaw shakira mijn complimenten,wil graag een keer met jou 2 uur doorbrengen,maar mijn vraag is je zegt dat je soms zoent ,wat houdt dat in en verder ben ik erg benieuwd of je aan anaal doet.Ik ben bas je kunt me vinden op hyves onder marcus10000,weet je ook wie ik ben.Vriendelijke groet Bas
bernard posted: my wife and I are interested
can I get n offer
my number +972-52-5080099
happy new year
nico vooges posted: kk hoer
peter posted: Is shakira beschikbaar?
Peter posted: Hoi,
Is Shakira beschikbaar (ik had haar eerder, dus niet een ander)
Ik zit straks in hotel vd Valk A4.
Gr Peter
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