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Ordering an escort in Rotterdam for an
unforgettable experience

You can order an escort in Rotterdam from an experienced and reliable escort agency if you would like to spend some time with a beautiful lady.

She can visit you at home or in your hotel room in Rotterdam. Escort agencies in the Netherlands only work with ladies whodo this work of their own free will and who, if they do not have the Dutch
nationality, reside in the Netherlands legally.

It often concerns ladies who are escort girls in addition to a paid job. In addition, we work with students who combine work with their education.

You can choose from escort girls in their early 20s, but also for experienced ladies who are older. There is also plenty of choice in terms of appearance.

How to book an escort in Rotterdam

If you want to order an escort, you can view the overview of available ladies on the
website. If a lady has aroused your interest, click on the photo for more

You can find it on her personal page. Here you can view additional photos and the escort girl will tell you who she is and what special services you can book her for. For example, there are ladies who do a threesome with a colleague, there are ladies who you can book for SM, for a dinner date or for an erotic massage.

Have you made your choice? Then you can arrange the booking
online or by phone.

Hosting an escort girl at your home

Ordering an escort is always done through the escort agency she works for. You can fill in the booking form online or contact us by phone. Please provide the name of the
lady you want to book, the date and time. If she is available, the booking will
be processed.

This is only final when the escort agency has sent a confirmation. If you book a hotel escort, please provide your room number in addition to the name and address of the hotel. Your escort can then walkstraight to your room when she has arrived.

How to receive an escort in your hotel room in Rotterdam

If you want to hire an escort, it is nice if you prepare her arrival well.

Make sure the bed is freshly made and take a shower shortly before the visit. If you smell nice and fresh, that's nice for both of you.

Of course you can offer your escort a drink, but respect it if she indicates that she does not want to drink alcohol.

Of course, an escort is always free to use mind-altering substances.
But if she refuses to do so, this must of course be respected. By definition,
you always treat an escort with respect.

It decides for itself whether or not it wants to respond to a customer's request. Intimate contact without the use of a condom is a 'no go'. The health of our escorts is always number 1, as well
as that of our clients.

Provide fresh towels in the bathroom. Your escort would like to be able to freshen up before she leaves.

A dinner date at your hotel

If you want to order a hotel escort, the escort service will ask you to provide your room number when booking.

Your escort will be discreetly dropped off in the vicinity of the hotel by her driver and will walk straight to your room.

Almost every hotel allows you to receive a guest in your room free of charge. But if your escort girl spends the night with you, you have to pay for two people at the

This is of course separate from the rate for the escort service. Even when she leaves, the escort will behave as discreetly as possible.

She will never identify herself as an escort girl to hotel staff or other guests. As a
result, your privacy is optimally guaranteed.

Special requests

If you have special wishes, you can order an escort girl who can meet these wishes. For example, it can be an escort from a certain country, with certain external characteristics such as large or small breasts or a certain hair color.

In addition, you can indicate when booking that you want certain actions. Think of
an S&M roleplay, a fetish, or a particular fantasy.

You can also book a threesome with two ladies and there are escort girls to hire by a straight couple for a threesome. If you don't find a suitable escort girl on the
website, contact the escort agency and explain your wishes.

Often individual appointments can be made and the agency can make you a proposal for an escort girl that fits your needs.

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The erotic massage

You can hire an escort for an erotic massage. Various techniques are conceivable for this, such as a Thai massage, a tantric massage or a body to body massage. You
can also order two escorts for a four hands massage.

Keep in mind that a masseuse is not automatically available for a happy ending. If you want a massage with a happy ending , please indicate this clearly when booking so that the escort girl you want to order can take this into account.

A dinner date with an escort

If you don't have a partner, eating out is often not fun. Good company at the table
makes it a lot more fun.

Do you want a pleasant evening in a good restaurant with charming company? Then book a table for two and book an appointment with a beautiful escort girl. She will accompany you and make sure you have an unforgettable evening. By the way, you can also order an escort if you have a business dinner.

She will dress according to your wishes. All our escorts have HBO level and speak good English. Some also speak a different language. An international company is therefore no problem at all.

Special services of escorts in Rotterdam

Our escorts in Rotterdam can do everything This means that you can pass on special
wishes when making a booking.

If you want an erotic massage, an SM role play or if you
have a certain fantasy that you want to experience in real life, one of our experienced Rotterdam escorts can be of service to you.

If you want to hire an escort for a certain day or time, for example because you are
staying in a hotel in Amsterdam or Utrecht, do this well in advance.

This way you can be sure that your favorite escort is available. You can arrange your
booking and give the number of your hotel room to the escort agency at a later

You can also order our escorts to come to you in Haarlem, Utrecht, Schiphol and Amstelveen.

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