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An erotic massage by an escort is a wonderful way to relax. A great end to a long day of work or an exciting addition to a holiday stay. Erotic massage is offered by special massage and escort services at Schiphol, but you can also have a masseuse visit your home or hotel

A masseuse often masters one or more special techniques. You can indicate
which type of massage you want when booking. The Schiphol escort agency can then make a
recommendation as to which masseuse can best meet your needs.

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Hosting an escort girl at Schiphol

A massage oil is often used for a massage with the hands. This lubricates the body so
that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The escort girl uses her hands to massage and stimulate you. You can indicate your special wishes so that she can take them into account.

There is usually no physical contact other than with the
masseuse's hands. This massage sometimes does not take the form of a sex
massage but can also serve as relaxation.

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Body to body massage

In a body-to-body massage, the masseuse uses not only her hands but her entire body.
She is naked, just like the person undergoing the massage. A body-to-body
massage usually has an erotic character, but this does not always have to be
the case.

A four hands massage

If you opt for a four-hand massage, it will of course be given by two ladies. They massage your body with both hands at the same time. This often gives a very sensual

Often a four-hand massage is booked in combination with a threesome,
but here too it is not self-evident that intimate contact takes place with one
or both ladies. If you do want this, it is wise to indicate this when booking,
so that this can be taken into account.

In some cases, a masseuse is different from an escort girl.

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A Nuru massage or a Thai massage usually also have an erotic or relaxing character.
The name merely indicates that specific techniques are used by the masseuse.

A Nuru massage, for example, focuses mainly on the back. By stimulating the back
in a certain way, it can cause an intense sensation. A Thai massage involves
the whole body. It's an old and time-tested way to treat pain and fatigue in
muscles and joints. This massage mainly serves as a relaxation, but can also be
the prelude to a more erotic massage.

Preparing for an erotic massage

If you book a sex massage, it is good to prepare for this. This makes the experience
pleasant for the masseuse and hopefully unforgettable for you. So make sure you
have a freshly made bed and take a shower shortly before your masseuse arrives.
Make sure you have clean towels in the bathroom and you may want to use a
massage oil of your choice.

You can also leave the latter to the masseuse, she
often brings this of her own accord if an erotic massage is booked. Allow at
least an hour for a sex massage. After all, you want to enjoy it to the
fullest, so there should be no rushing.

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If you want to book an exciting sex massage, you can often go to an escort agency.

Some escorts also do massages, but more often there are masseuses working for an
escort service who specifically focus on giving different types of massages. If
you want a massage with sex, it is important to indicate this when booking.

Sexual contact always takes place with the use of a condom. The escort girl
always has it with her, so you don't have to take care of it yourself. An
erotic massage can be given at the customer's home, but of course also in a
hotel room. As a hotel guest, you can always receive a guest in your room.

If she does not spend the night with you, there is no extra charge for this at the

A massage with a happy

You can book a massage with a happy ending. This means that the escort girl or
masseuse is willing to have intimate contact. The massage often has the role of
an extensive foreplay. If you want a happy ending, it is wise to indicate this when making a booking.

A masseuse may refuse intimate contact if it has not been agreed. If she agrees,
that is of course perfectly fine. Sometimes a surcharge is charged for a happy
ending massage on top of the price charged for an erotic massage.

You can also order our escorts to come to you in Leiden, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam.

What makes an erotic massage or escort so special?

An erotic massage is perhaps even more exciting than a simple appointment with an escort
girl for an intimate get-together. In the latter case, you know in advance what
is going to happen. If you book a sensual massage, it is not yet certain how it
will end.

Of course you can book a massage with sex, then you know in advance
that there will be intimate contact with the masseuse. But you can always let
this depend on the situation. Sometimes intimate contact is not even necessary
to fully enjoy an erotic massage.

Where to find the best
escort around Schiphol?

If you want to book an erotic massage or escort at Schiphol, do so with an experienced escort
service. They have ladies available who know exactly how to spoil a man

You can indicate what your wishes are when booking, your masseuse
will then take this into account. Of course, you are supposed to treat the
masseuse with respect. It always has the right to set its limits.

If she does not want to perform a certain action, she has the right to refuse it. You can
often make arrangements with your escort girl or masseuse, for example to
extend the togetherness.

If this is done in good consultation and
reasonableness, in many cases she will be willing to comply with your request.

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