Our Amsterdam escort agency is specialized in hotel visits. Our escort girls can visit you in your hotel room in Amsterdam or Schiphol in 30-40 minutes.

If you are staying in a hotel outside the Amsterdam area, like Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague it will take longer before our high class escorts can meet you. Please contact us for exact details about travelling time and prices.

We have good relations with the hotels in the Amsterdam and Schiphol area so we can always guarantee that the escort visit will be as discrete at possible.

The escorts will only pass the reception if it’s really needed, otherwise they will come straight to the hotel room. Most of the elevators in hotels in Amsterdam have a keycard; the hotels in Amsterdam provided us with those cards so most of the time the girls will look like hotel guests to staff and other guests.

It is legal in Holland to receive guests in your hotel room, so the escort will have no problem visiting you.

Our Escort Girls

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